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As a fellow staffy owner, you’ll probably agree that they can most certainly be a rather high-maintenance breed at time. Stafies are high-energy, adventurous and all-round boisterous. But one area where they don’t require too much attention is grooming.

However, this lack of attention required for grooming doesn’t mean you can skip it altogether. A regular grooming session is still a necessity for a staffy owner to keep their skin and coat in pristine shape.

Fortunately, these sessions won’t be as time-consuming as you might expect with longer haired breeds like Golden Retrievers. It will, however, require a high-quality brush to ensure these grooming sessions are the best they can be for your staffy.

This article will help to keep your pup’s skin and coat in top condition by suggesting the best grooming brush for staffies as well as providing a few grooming tips on how to get the most out of them.

Best Brush for Staffies

Should you Brush a Staffy and Why?

To answer the first part of that question simply, Yes! Yes, you should brush a staffy. Here's a list of some good reasons why you should brush your staffy:

Improved skin condition

Brushing your dog’s coat has the wonderful secondary benefit of improving their skin health at the same time. By producing a massage-like effect, the brushing helps to promote blood flow to the skin’s surface.

This extra blood flow is great for transporting nutrients to your dog’s skin that will keep it hydrated, supple, elastic and generally healthy.

Of course, brushing will also remove dead skin, which reduces irritation and keeps the coat looking smooth and silky.

Find and Monitor Skin Problems

Brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis gives you the chance to monitor and spot any potential issues. Fleas, mites, ticks, irritation and sores can be spotted early and dealt with more quickly.

This can be crucial since, like may dog breeds, there are some skin conditions that affect staffies. Keeping an eye on the skin will help you to manage these problems should they arise.

Remove Shedding Hair

Even though staffies are short-haired dogs, they do still shed their fur, especially as the warmer months approach. While they aren’t heavy shedders, the amount of hair you find around the house is still more than enough to be a pain.

 Regular brushing helps to rid them of the shedded fur, which benefits both you and your dog: no itchiness or irritation for him/her and less loose dog hair on your clothes and sofa

How Often Should you Brush a Staffy?

Since staffies are short-haired dogs with a smooth coat, shedding is something you will have to deal with year-round (more in the spring and summer). However, the amount of shedding might not be like what you’d experience with a long-haired dog, but it can still be a nuisance for a staffy owner.

Your staffy will require weekly brushing to ensure the shedding doesn’t get out of control. These weekly brushing sessions will help remove loose hair and other substances from your staffy’s coat.

As a result, you’ll less likely be hounded by dog hair covering your clothes and furniture. You’d think this wouldn’t be an issue for a short-haired dog like a staffy, but my clothes and furniture begs to differ. Especially any black clothes after our white staffy has been near them!

As discussed above, getting rid of loose hair and other substances such as dirt aren’t the only benefits of brushing your dog weekly. For instance, it reduces the risk of matted fur becoming an issue for your dog; a matted coat can cause irritation, pain and even infection in some cases.

Brushing can also help stimulate the flow of blood and natural oils to your dog’s skin and fur, which helps keep their coat in great shape. And finally, it gives you some time to bond with your favorite friend!

Types of Dog Brushes

There are many different grooming brushes available to choose from and it can be quite overwhelming for any customer. And it doesn’t help that every dog’s coat can be slightly different; a brush that might work well for your friend’s staffy might not work for yours.

You should seek your vet’s input on any product you buy for your dog. A professional opinion has never hurt anybody.

Overall, the main thing you should be looking for in a dog brush is how well it removes loose hair and dirt from your staffy’s skin/coat. This is what will help prevent mats from forming and keep shedding to a healthy minimum.

Any of the following brush types should get the job done and keep your staffy’s coat in pristine condition for years to come: pin brush, bristle brush, rubber curry brush, de-shedding tool, and grooming glove. However, some may be more suitable for your dog than others so here’s a quick guide to each different type.

Bristle Brushes

bristle dog brush

Bristle brushes are specifically designed to provide a gentle, smooth brushing experience for your dog. The bristles ensure this by being tightly packed together and made from soft materials.

These bristles will penetrate your staffy’s fur and remove all the loose hair/dirt that’s been driving both of you nuts. If you’re only looking to maintain an already healthy coat, these brushes are the type you should be searching for as a staffy owner.

Pin Brushes

pin brush

Pin brushes tend to have stainless steel bristles, which means they’re really only needed for staffies with huge matted fur issues. In other words, you shouldn’t have to use this type of brush on your dog very frequently.

Pin brushes typically represent the last resort for short-haired dogs that experience little success with the other kinds of brushes mentioned in this article.

If your staffy already has a pristine coat and you need a brush for regular upkeep, these brushes won’t serve any purpose for you. Instead, save these brushes for the extreme cases only.

Rubber Curry Brushes

rubber curry brush

Rubber curry brushes are great for short-hair dog owners who want to brush their dog on a more regular basis since they are very kind to the dog’s skin. However, they may not be aggressive enough for a full grooming session. I would recommend you use these brushes between the more extended grooming sessions with a regular pin or bristle brush.

You could also use these brushes as a finishing brush during those more extended grooming sessions. It will help remove any loose hair that might have been able to resist being picked up by a pin or bristle brush.

And lastly, these brushes provide an almost massage-like experience for your dog. If you want some extra protection and something that’ll pamper your dog, getting this type brush along with a bristle brush could be the solution for you.

Grooming Gloves

grooming glove

A grooming glove is another secondary brush that could offer your dog some benefits between their regular weekly maintenance. Grooming gloves allow you to give the impression you’re giving your staffy a petting session rather than a brushing one.

These grooming gloves can be helpful in preventing mats from becoming an issue. But they won’t do anything against removing these mats. In this case, you’ll need a specialized tool.

De-shedding Tools

This one isn’t really a brush type but it still warrants mentioning as you may wish to purchase one as well.

Depending on the time of the year, your vet might recommend getting a de-shedding tool; one you might be familiar with is called the FURminator, which has accumulated a raving following from pet owners over the years.

The primary purpose of these tools is removing the loose undercoat fur that hasn’t quite shed yet. And given the rave reviews of the FURminator, you can trust that these type of devices are incredibly effective at their jobs.

If you do end buying one, make sure the size/blade coincide with your staffy’s short coat. Also be very gentle since staffies can have extremely short coats and the tool can cause irritation if used to aggressively.

So, those are the main types of brushes you’ll come across and you’ll be able to decide which is best based on your own dog’s needs. ​

n general, I believe a regular bristle brush should be used for your main grooming with a rubber brush or glove purchased for finishing and to use day-to-day as required.

Finally, you may wish to have a de-shedding tool like the Furminator on hand for the heavier shedding months.

Best Brush for Staffies - Product Reviews

The following three brushes are what I consider the very best and will be able to fulfill your staffy’s grooming needs perfectly. You can’t go wrong with any of the featured brushes so have a quick read of the reviews below and simply select the one you feel a preference for.

Whether your staffy’s coat is entirely matted or in pristine condition, the Pecute Double Sided Pet Grooming Brush is a simple yet useful product to have around for your dog’s grooming needs. It provides everything we could ask for as dog owners.

Percute grooming brush


Has both a pin and bristle side

One year guarantee

Comfortable grip handle


Suitable for daily use


Durability Concerns from some reviewers

Final Verdict:

Given its affordable price and 2-in-1 design, there isn’t much about this brush that a customer wouldn’t love. This feeling is confirmed by the numerous glowing reviews this product received from satisfied customers.

However, there was one concerning issue that I took note of during my research: this particular brush seems to have some durability issues. There were complaints about the handle breaking and the head being loose.

But those may have just been bad luck. There are always going to be the odd bad products or batches during manufacturing. Therefore, despite these potential issues, I still recommend this brush for staffies.

If you’re looking to help maintain your staffy’s healthy coat, the KONG Zoom Groom can be a useful secondary piece to the puzzle. Honestly, this brush might be your dog’s favorite on this entire list thanks to the massage-like experience it’ll provide them.

kong zoom groom


Comes in two different colors: boysenberry (blue) and raspberry (pink/red)

Incredibly affordable

Available in two sizes: small/puppy and regular

Easy to grip

Stimulates blood flow and natural oils to promote healthy coat/skin


Not useful for removing matted dog fur

Final Verdict:

This brush could be everything you’re looking for in pampering your dog. It will give them a massage while removing any loose hairs that might’ve stayed behind from the last weekly grooming session.

It won’t do anything against getting rid of matted fur but that’s why it’s a secondary option rather than a primary. My advice would be to pair this brush with the Percute double-sided brush and use it for day to day grooming and even during bath times for shampooing.

The Tuoding Grooming Glove is another product more suited to being used as a secondary brush rather than a main grooming brush. However, it does its job effectively and would be a useful addition to your coat protecting arsenal.

tuoding grooming gloves


Low cost

Equipped with soft silicone tips

Adjustable velcro strap

Easy to clean and wash

Breathable mesh


The glove can be rather big and cumbersome for some people’s hands

Final Verdict:

Much like the kong rubber brush, this one would be perfect when paired with the Percute double sided brush to cover most of your grooming bases. People with smaller hands could find the glove a little difficult to use due to the sizing.

If you think this issue might be problematic, I would suggest opting for the Kong Zoom Groom instead of this. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with this glove and I’m sure your staffy would be very pleased with it too.

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