Best Dog Walker App – Rover vs Wag

If you’re looking to connect easily with a local dog walker, there are currently two apps dominating the dog-walking market at the moment: Rover and Wag. You can think of them as a kind of Uber-like app for dog walking.

Each app provides a simple and easy way to find a trustworthy dog walker in you are so it can be tough to know which one to go with (unless you live in the UK, in which case, only Rover is currently available)

I have also included some sections to give you some more information on the benefits of these dog walking apps and how they work, so you can decide for yourself whether they're suitable for your dog.

Best dog walker app rover vs wag

Why Should you Hire a Dog Walker?

As you know, staffies are a very energetic breed that needs a substantial walk or play session daily. If they don’t, they can get wound up and take it out on things around the house. Lack of exercise is probably the reason many owners come home to shreds of cushions all across the floor.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are too busy with work to provide the necessary exercise for a staffy every single day but we still want our dogs to be healthy and given a chance to expend their energy. This is where employing the services of a local dog walker can be extremely helpful.

If you have a staffy puppy, a dog walker could help you avoid bathroom accidents inside your home. There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding a bathroom accident you have to clean up(If that is your situation, we have an article on staffy house training to help).

Now, that we have covered the benefits of getting a dog walker, you might be wondering how these dog walking apps work and why they are any better than opening up the local classifieds.

How do Dog Walker Apps Work?

Wag and Rover are dog walking services that you can access online and through your smartphone. To use these services properly, you need to download the app from your app store.

Once you've installed one of these apps, you simply place a request that features the location, time and length of the walk for your staffy.

These request will then appear in the feed of local dog walker that are using the app.

The dog walkers can sign up through the app and can provide your staffy some well-needed exercise. You will have to give the walker access to the area where your dog is kept so, even though the walkers have been vetted beforehand, it's always good practice to lock any valuables away.

Leaving your staffy alone with a stranger can be scary to some owners and it should only be done if your dog is comfortable with meeting new people. However, both services do background checks into their walkers to ensure your staffy’s safety. If possible, being there to hand your dog over and meet the walker is a good idea.

If your dog doesn't like other dogs, you should also make sure the walker isn't going to be walking multiple dogs at the same time.

Besides ensuring the safety of your staffy, both these organisations have an extensive database of walkers working for them. You can even contact multiple dog walkers at the same time. This feature makes sure your staffy will get the exercise they need during the day.

If you fancy trying out one of these dog walker apps, I have reviewed the top ones in a bit more detail below so you can choose the one that sounds best to you (as mentioned earlier, UK owners will have to go with Rover as Wag isn't currently available there).

Rover vs Wag - Which is Best?

Rover Logo

First up is Rover. This company was the first app of it’s kind when founded in 2011. It’s featured in 10,000 plus cities and has over 85,000 walkers/sitters in its service. It is also the only choice for those of us based in the United Kingdom so that does make the choice somewhat more straightforward.

Rover Features

  • Can choose the walker you prefer provided by a list and map includes information such as the walker’s name, photo, and brief tagline, whether or not the walker has had a background check, cost per walk, reviews and if they have any repeat clients
  • Allows you to plan walks weeks or days in advance
  • Can schedule a meet and greet with the walker before they take your staffy on a walk
  • Can see the walkers without signing up for the service
  • You can request the walker sends you photos of your staffy on the walk
  • Can communicate directly with the walker

The Reasons To Choose Rover's Dog Walker App

If you don't live in the US, you have no choice. Aside from that, Rover is an excellent choice for a staffy owner that needs a daily walk for their staffy. Its feature of setting up a regular time and walker allows your staffy to get a sense of familiarity with this process. It gives them a sense of consistency that all dogs need.

Also, some staffy owners aren’t comfortable allowing a stranger walk their staffy. If you’re one of these owners, Rover’s ability to set up a meeting with the walker beforehand could give you some piece of mind. I suggest taking advantage of this.

If you'd like to find a walker on Rover or want more information, you can find there website here.

Wag dog walker app logo

Founded in 2014, Wag is a newer app that has recently become very popular among dog owners.  It has earned the nickname “Uber for Dogs” with its ability to provide immediate results.   

Wag Features

  • Provides a GPS map of your staffy’s walk route.
  • GPS has markers attached to show where your staffy "used the toilet"
  • Offers different types of walks (ASAP walk, 30-minute walk, hour walk)
  • Has a standard set rate
  • Asks in-depth questions about your staffy’s likes, dislikes, and habits
  • Offers specific hour time frames for which you can schedule the walk.

The Reasons to Choose Wag's Dog Walker App

Wag represents an excellent choice for staffy owners that need their staffy walked immediately. If you want to know precisely how the walk went, Wag provides a more in-depth analysis of the walk than Rover does. It keeps you informed on where exactly your staffy went and what they did.

Wag seems more concerned about your staffy’s temperament. So, if your staffy has a specific behavior problem or is terrible on a leash, Wag would be the correct choice in these situations.

For more information or to book a walk, view Wag's website here.

Alternative Options

It might turn out you’re not comfortable with either of these apps if you feel they aren't right for your dog. If this is the case, don’t be discouraged: the following ideas could help. We also have an entire article on exercise ideas for your staffy.

Day Training

Getting your staffy involved in day training class could provide them will all the exercise they need. Also, these classes will get them the training that you don’t have the time to do at home.

In general, day training are small classes run by a trainer. So, there’s no need to worry about your staffy getting overwhelmed by a significant amount of dogs. However, these classes tend to run a little expensive due to high demand. They’re incredibly useful though.

Ask a Friend or Family Member

A simple and effective solution is asking friends or family to help you out. Maybe return the favor by doing something for them. Either way, this is an easy and cost-efficient solution to getting your staffy more exercise.

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