The Best GPS Dog Tracker for 2021

Nothing is more scary to a staffy owner than the thought of their dog getting lost or stolen. It’s a nightmare that nobody wants to experience, which is why it isn’t surprising that dog trackers have become more and more popular in among dog owners.

It also helps that the technology has become better as time has gone on making these trackers very useful. The downside to the popularity of these products has created another problem; there are so many choices and finding the best GPS tracker for your dog is not an easy task.

We thought a buying guide reviewing a few of our recommended dog trackers would help make your search a little less overwhelming. I'll also discuss exactly what you should be looking for in a dog tracker to ensure you get the model that fits your staffy’s needs the best.

With all this new knowledge, you'll have enough information to make an informed decision about which GPS dog tracker is best for you to buy. So read on and lets us make your search for a dog tracker a much easier and simpler process!

Best GPS Dog Tracker

What Does a GPS Dog Tracker Do?

A dog tracker typically will come in a sort of collar form that has a receiver attached to it. These collars keep you informed about your dog’s location by using the GPS technology that we’ve all used at some point in our life.

This GPS technology relies on radio towers to pinpoint the location of desired objects, places, or people. And it’s no different with dog trackers as these products rely on radio towers to locate your dog by recording their position based on the nearest tower. Then, the information gets relayed back to you via an app on your phone.

Think about it like the app on your iPhone called “Find my iPhone” instead in this case it’s “Find My Staffy.” And you can’t tell you haven't use the “Find my iPhone” app before; I know, I have plenty of times.

But as with any GPS technology, these trackers’ effectiveness is 100% determined on their ability to pick up a signal. In other words, if both the tower and the tracker don’t have a signal, this process won’t work, which is why some of these products might be unreliable in poor coverage areas.

Features to Look for in a Good GPS Tracker for Dogs

As mentioned previously, the pet marketplace has become oversaturated with dog trackers because of their recent rise in popularity. You might think that this rise in popularity is a good thing, but it makes it harder to find the best of the bunch.

However, assessing following features should help you wade through the overwhelming mess of options and locate the high-quality trackers. It’s what I did to find the three best trackers we’ll review later in this article.

Signal Range

If a dog tracker has a terrible range, it’s going to be a useless product. It’s as simple as that, so, make sure you end buying a product with a good signal range. If the tracker isn’t able to track your dog, it just defeats the whole purpose of the product in the first place.

Safe Zones

The best dog trackers on the market typically allow you to set safe zones where your dog’s allowed to enter. In other words, if your dog goes into these zones, the tracker won’t send you an alert.

But the moment your staffy roams out of those zones, you’ll get an alert. This feature mainly ensures you have some control over the whole experience the dog tracker gives you. After all, you don’t want to get an alert every five seconds.


If your dog does wander off, you have no way of knowing whether or not they’ll end up in some water. Therefore, you’re going to want a dog tracker that’s waterproof, which will make sure nothing happens where the collar ends up malfunctioning in water and hurting your staffy.

Battery Life

The most important feature a dog tracker can have is a long battery life. If your dog goes missing for an extended period, you’re going to need a tracker with a battery that can last hours or even days.

A tracker with at least a few days of battery life should be an excellent guideline to base your search around. After all, a dead tracker on a missing dog isn’t going to do a lick of good.

Real-time Mapping

Any good dog tracker will be able to provide real-time mapping, which means the map and your dog’s location will immediately update without delay. See, older dog tracker models would tend to lose connection temporarily with the satellite.

The loss of connection would make the accuracy of your dog’s location fail and would render the whole process useless. You may not realize how essential this feature is until you think about how fast your dog can run.

Subscription Services

Most dog trackers will come with a must pay monthly fee. This monthly fee will give you access to their customer service that’ll talk you through the crisis of your dog missing. It is something that can easily go forgotten so it is worth noting as it can become quite expensive.

But it’s worth it to anyone who feels like they’ll become overwhelmed if their dog goes missing. Trust me; these customer service people really do help.

The Best GPS Dog Trackers -Product Reviews

Below are our three chosen products for the best GPS dog tracker. They all have different features and benefits so you can use the points discussed above to make the best choice for your needs. You can't go far wrong with either; they're all popular and have many happy users.

Our first product, the Tractive Dog GPS Tracker, checks all the boxes a staffy owner could be looking for in a dog tracker: rechargeable battery, real-time mapping, lightweight, waterproof, safe zones, and has an affordable price.

You can view this tracker on Amazon here.

Tractive GPS dog tracker


Rechargeable battery with a battery life of 2 to 5 days.

Affordable price

Real-time mapping

Safe zones


Quality performance



Monthly subscription fee to be paid

Final Verdict:

Although the monthly subscription fee is quite annoying, this product does cover all the features I’d look for in tracker. But the part the sold me was the 2 to 5 days of battery life, which is almost unheard of for a dog tracker. 

Overall, I’d feel very comfortable getting this model for my staffy and would have no qualms about putting it to use immediately, especially since my staffy is an adventurous little guy.

The Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor will not only keep your staffy safe but also healthy with the inclusion of the activity monitor. In all honesty, dog trackers don’t get much more technologically advanced than this model from Pawfit.

You can view this tracker on Amazon here.

Pawfit GPS pet tracker



Keeps your dog healthy by monitoring your dog’s activity such as active hours, rest hours, calories burned and distance.

No subscription fee

Battery life of 4 to 6 days

Safety zones

Good performance


Somewhat expensive compared to other trackers

Final Verdict:

The price makes this dog tracker a little too pricey for me; however, the inclusion of the activity monitor makes me think twice about not splurging for this particular model. I mean, it offers a whole other level of convenience you don’t always see in a dog tracker.

Therefore, if you have the money to spend and what a 2 in 1 GPS and health tracker, I’d recommend buying this one over the other two models on this list. It has more impressive features and will make sure your staffy doesn’t go anywhere where you can’t find them. If you like the idea of tracking your dog's health, we've compiled a list of the best dog health monitors here.

The TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker doesn’t provide a lot of additional features; however, it does offer high-quality results at an affordable price. If you're simply looking for something to keep tabs on your dog without emptying your bank account, this one should be considered.

You can view this tracker on Amazon here.

TKStar GPS dog tracking collar


No subscription

Affordable price                                                

Safe zones

Real-time tracking

High-quality performance



Have seen some complaints of poor customer service

Limited features compared to other tracking devices

The bad customer service is a bit concerning and seemed to be a widespread complaint among the customer reviews. But given the number of those same reviews that praised its performance, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this model a try.

After all, it’s reasonably priced and provides you with all the necessary features so if you just want a cheaper tracker, this will probably be the one.

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