What is The Best Puppy Food for Staffies?

Congratulations! You found your way to this article so I assume you recently got yourself, or are thinking of getting, a new staffy pup. I’m jealous.

Getting a new puppy is so exciting but also stressful; you want to make sure everything is just right as you prepare to welcome your staffy to its new home. One of the first questions to ask is “which food is best for a staffy pup?”

Feeding your dog the right food is key to having them grow up happy and healthy so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming with so many puppy food options available.

And that is exactly why I’ve created this guide to finding the best food for your staffy puppy. You’ll discover just what your new pup needs in their diet as well as some recommendations for the top staffy puppy food on the market.

Best puppy food for staffies

Best Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy Food - Top Picks Quick View

Lily's Kitchen Puppy Complete Wet Food

🏆 Best Wet Dog Food for Puppies 🏆

lilys kitchen wet puppy food

Harrington's Puppy Food Complete Rich

🏆 Best Dry Dog Food for Puppies 🏆

harringtons puppy food

Why Use Puppy Food Vs. Adult Dog Food?

As a growing and developing dog, your brand new staffy pup is going to need different levels of nutrition than a mature older dog. Due to this, dog food companies started making food that would encourage healthy growth and fulfill the nutritional needs of younger dogs.

 At the end of the day, puppy food is designed for one purpose only: to help your young pup grow up healthy and happy. It’s merely there to help them get the right amount of nutrition during the crucial puppy stage.

For example, puppy food is going to contain a higher percentage of protein. In fact, about 30% of the puppy food will be protein to ensure the growth process is accelerating at a reasonable pace.

Along the same lines, many puppy foods will have a higher fat content to give your pup a constant source of energy.  This high-fat content isn’t present in recommended adult dog foods since they do not need the added calories to maintain a healthy weight.

Ingredients to Look For in Puppy Food

There are certain ingredients to look out for that signal a whether or not a puppy food is a high-quality product. To help you find the perfect puppy food for your staffy, I’ve listed some of these key ingredients below: 

Amino acids

Your puppy needs food that contains some amino acids, but they have to be the right kind. Look out for the following amino acids as they should help your pup grow up healthy: arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.

Animal-based proteins

The first ingredient you see on a good puppy food is always recognisable meat such as chicken, lamb, or fish meal. Each of these will provide your puppy with the protein they need for proper growth.

Fruits and vegetables

As with humans, fruit and vegetables are necessary stables in a dog’s diet as they provide your pup with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Labeled Fats

Chicken fat or sunflower oil are examples of these and are commonly used. Both contain fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 that are important for things like immune system function, skin condition and brain power.

Natural preservatives or no preservatives at all

Natural preservatives add substances to the puppy food such as plant extracts and Vitamin C and E. Both of which are suitable for your dog. However, puppy foods without preservatives are also just as good. Just be sure to avoid artificial colourings and chemicals like BHA/BHT.

Whole grains

The addition of whole grains makes the food more digestible meaning that there will be less of a chance of issues like diarrhea.  As an added bonus, they’re another great source of protein.

Whole meat (human grade)

If you see the phrase, “human grade” that means the puppy food and meat used in the puppy food is good enough for human consumption. Therefore, look for puppy food with this phrase as it means the food has been tested more rigorously.

Puppy Food Ingredients to Avoid

  • BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) and BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene): Both of these are preservatives that are linked to severe health issues: BHA’s linked to kidney damage and BHT’s linked to the development of cancer. Neither have any place inside your puppy’s food.

  • Corn: It’s hard to digest and may cause allergies. If the dog food uses corn, there's a high-probability that it’s low-quality.
  • Corn syrup: Your puppy doesn’t need refined sugar, and that’s precisely what corn syrup is: refined, heavily processed sugar.

  • Ethoxyquin: Numerous diseases are associated with this commonly used preservative. There has been some debate on its safety but, in my opinion, the results aren’t clear so it is best avoided.

  • Food dyes: Offers no nutritional value and may cause health issues as some of these dyes are considered to be carcinogens.

  • Meat by-products: This stuff is like the waste parts of the meat that wouldn’t be fit for human consumption. It is poor quality stuff that your dog shouldn’t eat either.

  • Propylene Glycol: This chemical is used in anti-freeze. So, it’s no surprise that’s terrible for your dog.

  • Rendered fat:  It’s a term dog food companies use to label things roadkill, expired meats, dying livestock that’s found in their dog food. Not the most pleasant thing to feed your little pup.

  • Synthetic Vitamin K3:  It can cause irreversible damage to your dog’s liver or other organs.

  • Wheat gluten: It adds no nutritional value and is used by dog food companies to make their low-quality food look better to the consumer. In reality, its inclusion is a great sign that the food isn’t good.

When to Start Feeding a Staffy Adult Food?

Obviously, your puppy isn’t going to be a puppy forever so you aren’t going to feed them puppy food all their life. As explained above, this food is only beneficial to your dog’s development during the puppy stage.

So, when is the right time to switch the puppy food out for some adult dog food is?

According to PetMD, when “puppies have reached approximately 80% of their expected adult size, they can usually be switched to an adult dog food.” And this, of course, happens at different stages for different dogs.

For a Staffordshire bull terrier, which is considered a medium size dog, the recommendation is that they should eat puppy food until they are about 12 months old.

Once your staffy’s first birthday hits, get him/her their first bag of adult dog food as a present. If that time is approaching, you can check out our dog food recommendations here.

Wet or Dry Food for Puppies?

Wet Food Pros

Source of hydration for reluctant drinkers

Enticing scent and flavour

Usually fresher

Allows for the dog to freedom and the ability to roam on their walks

Wet Food Cons

Can be messy

Little chewing involved - less benefit for teething pups

Shorter shelf-life

Tends to be pricier than dry food in general

Dry Food Pros

Easier to store with a relatively long shelf-life

Usually more cost effective

Convenient and easy to serve

Teething benefits for puppies

Dry Food Cons

In many cases, dry foods have lower protein levels

Little chewing involved - less benefit for teething pups

Best Staffy Puppy Food - Reviews

Top 3 Dry Puppy Foods

wellness core puppy food


  • Grain-free and gluten-free which helps you pup avoid having to deal with those nasty allergies

  • It’s also naturally hypoallergenic,  just in case your dog’s allergies extend past the ones caused by grains and gluten

  • Uses fresh turkey to give your pup all energy they need for their daily activities

  • Contributes to better brain and eye function with the inclusion of salmon oil

  • Easy to store for long periods of time


  • Higher price


Overall, if you can afford to pay the higher-end price for it, this puppy food is an amazing choice for any staffy puppy's health. It’s just a great product that’s made by a company known for providing the quality.

Wellness CORE Puppy Food Dry
  • All natural dog food dry, grain free & fresh meat number 1 ingredient, 32-37% protein in the final kibble
  • Naturally hypoallergenic dog food: No wheat, no gluten, no eggs, no artificial colours, no flavours or preservatives
  • Dog dry food puppy: DHA from salmon oil promotes the brain and eye development
  • Supports the development of healthy hips and joints: With added glucosamine and chondroitin

🏆 Best Dry Dog Food for Puppies 🏆

harringtons puppy food


  • Extremely affordable

  • Leading ingredient is turkey, so, you know it will provide your staffy with enough energy for their morning walk

  • Rice and added yeast will help with digestion

  • It’s a strong provider of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that help with overall health

  • No artificial flavors or any ingredients that make it problematic


  • Some owners report their dogs weren't keen on the taste so may not be good for fussy eaters


If you’re looking for a high-quality puppy food that doesn't break the bank, this one is a worthwhile option to consider. It has everything your puppy needs and will help them develop properly without providing them with the harmful ingredients that other more affordable foods might. In terms of overall value, this has to be the number one pick!

Harrington's Puppy Food Complete
  • Complete puppy food rich in turkey and rice
  • With no articial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat
  • With citrus antioxidants, nutrient rich kelp, Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids and yucca extract
  • With added yeast to help support healthy digestion

What is The Best Puppy Food for Staffies?


  • Hypoallergenic

  • Chicken is the leading ingredient, which will provide your pup with quality protein

  • Convenient for multiple puppy owners as it’s suitable for all dogs

  • Added prebiotics to aid your puppy’s digestion and promote good gut bacteria growth.

  • Extremely affordable


  • Might not tempt fussier eaters


This puppy food is both affordable and features a great list of quality ingredients with some welcome additions like the prebiotics. For dogs with potential digestive issues, this would be the one to pick. You can never really go wrong with anything from Lily's Kitchen.

Lily's Kitchen Dry Puppy Dog Food
  • Nutritionally complete, grain free, dry dog food - specially created for puppies 4 weeks +
  • Made with 27% fresh chicken, 7% chicken liver and 10% salmon
  • Packed full of wholesome fruits, vegetables and botanical herbs
  • Specially designed for puppies up to 12 months

Top 3 Wet Puppy Foods

🏆 Best Wet Dog Food for Puppies 🏆

lilys kitchen wet puppy food


  • Grain-free to ease any digestion issues.

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Suitable for all dogs

  • Uses all natural ingredients, which will help your puppy to keep their health on the right track

  • Well priced

  • Huge variety of flavour options


  • No real cons to be honest. Some customers have complaints of damaged packaging but could be down to the retailer


There’s nothing to complain about here besides some possible packaging issues as discussed. However, for the price, I could deal with that given the quality of this puppy food. Smiling Staffy top pick!

Lily's Kitchen Puppy Recipe Dog Food
  • Nutritionally complete, grain free wet dog food - specially for puppies 8 weeks +
  • Made with 67% chicken
  • Contains wholesome fruits and vegetables for extra nourishment
  • Suitable for puppies 8+ weeks

What is The Best Puppy Food for Staffies?


  • Hypoallergenic

  • Has no unhealthy additives to ensure your puppy doesn’t ingest anything unnatural.

  • Contains sunflower oil that will make sure your dog has enough energy for playing fetch.

  • The rice will help ease any digestion issue your puppy might be having.


  • Not the most pleasant smelling but, of course, this is subjective.


The smell was listed as the only possible "con" for some people but, let's be honest, there are very few dog foods I have encountered where I loved the smell. With that in mind, I think this may well represent the best overall value food on the list.

James Wellbeloved Complete Wet Puppy Food
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No unhealthy additives
  • Full of natural goodness
  • Nourishing turkey with rice and vegetables in a delicious tasty gravy

forthglade wet puppy food


  • Grain-free to help ease digestion.

  • Will improve joint health with the added glucosamine and chondroitin.

  • Nutritionally balanced to ensure your product gets all the necessary parts of his diet fulfilled.

  • 100% natural to promote healthy growth.

  • Increased levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that will help your pup’s immune system.


  • Strong odour.


A high quality food but does come with a strong odour. Not particularly foul smelling, just very strong and noticeable. The addition of various vitamins and other nutritious additives make this a healthy choice. 

Forthglade Natural Puppy Grain-Free Food
  • Pack of 18 Natural grain free puppy wet dog food in 395g trays
  • High meat content of 75 Percent which provides a great source of Protein for your dogs aged 2 - 12months
  • Our complete dog food is grain free which is perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies
  • No sugars, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Easy to digest and packed with nutrients and Natural goodness

Top Picks for Best Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy Food

Lily's Kitchen Puppy Complete Wet Food

🏆 Best Wet Dog Food for Puppies 🏆

lilys kitchen wet puppy food

Harrington's Puppy Food Complete Rich

🏆 Best Dry Dog Food for Puppies 🏆

harringtons puppy food

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  1. Could you provide any more information regarding cooking food for a staffordshire puppy (16 weeks currently) rather than buying pre made cans etc?
    The brands available in my supermarket nearby do not really seem to be all that great, none have human grade meat, and i have noticed she has the runs whenever she gets the wet food (generally only at dinner time once a day). I would like to get on top of this asap any help would be awesome.


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