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From birth, puppies have an insatiable urge to chew any item they come across. But their teething becomes more serious once they reach around 2 months of age. During this time, the puppy has an obsession of chewing things, which can lead to the puppies having a characteristic sore and inflamed gums.

It is at this stage that most homeowners suffer seeing their puppy destroy their shoes, socks, furniture, bedding and almost anything else the pup can sink its teeth into.

Fortunately, you can make the teething process easier on your staffy and your belongings by having them chew on specially designed chew toys for teething puppies. The teething stage can last 2-10 months so it is important to give your puppy something that will aid the process and provide some relief for their teeth and gums.

This article presents what I feel are some of the best toys for teething puppies as well as a short buying guide to help you choose one for your staffy pup.

Best Toys for Teething Puppies

Smiling Staffy's 5 Best Toys for Teething Puppies

One of the most popular Staffy toy manufacturers in the UK is Kong. They have been producing quality chew toys for a while now and I'm certain you'll have heard of them.

Kong for Puppies is made from durable rubber and has a shape that allows you to put treats like peanut butter inside. The tough rubber is a challenge for puppies to chew without irritating their gums.

This is the best toy in 2019 that has a myriad of benefits to the puppy. It also comes in a variety of sizes to suit any puppy. For staffies, I would go for the large-sized toy unless your pup is very small.

Kong Puppy Toys


It is fun, engaging

Good for the puppy's oral health

 Works with all types of food


Can be difficult to clean out

Nylabone's teething rings are one of the best puppy toys on the market. The company has made many toys designed for puppies and teething but I feel this is their best.

The teething ring is an ideal shape for your pup to get hold of and will keep them occupied. It is cheap, durable and has a simple design to withstand any abuse the puppy throws at it.

It is also excellent for cleaning their teeth, very well-priced and is even flavoured.

Nylabone puppy teething rings


Well priced

Simple design with durable material

Great for aiding oral hygiene



Could be too tough for weaker-jawed pups.

This simple puppy toy is somewhat similar to the Kong for Puppies that reward your puppy for solving a bit of a puzzle. It is available in 5 bright colours that attract your puppy's attention and the rubber nodes are great for cleaning your pup’s teeth.

The material is a fairly durable, non-toxic rubber, which is safe for your puppy's health. However, larger staffies can make light work of it so this one is definitely for puppies only.

Overall, It is a fun toy, good for your dog’s teeth and very cheap.

treat dispensing puppy ball


Can be used for fetch so great for exercise

Cheap price

Can be stuffed with treats

Good value


Puppy may only chew it if stuffed with treats, which can be an issue for weight-control

Not strong enough for older pups and adults

Another toy on the list for Kong, which speaks to the high-quality of their dog and puppy chew toys.

The tug toy is very different from the standard Kong puppy toy featured earlier. As the name suggests, this is designed for playing tug'o'war so it is useful for creating a bond with your puppy as well as exercising their teeth.

It is made from natural, non-toxic rubber and is designed to provide a good grip for both you and your puppy. 

Kong tug toy


Provides exercise and entertainment

Enhances the bond between owner and puppy

Ideal material for puppies to chew


Although marketed to dogs, I would not suggest this toy for adult staffies and aggressive chewers.

The Rosewood puppy range is designed specifically for teething puppies. This particular toy is an easy to grab bone shape but there are a few other options available in the range: a ring, ball or a treat dispensing ball or dumbbell.

The bio-safe range is made of soft rubber with an anti-microbial coating to stop the growth and spread of germs. This improves both hygiene and the usage life of the toy. They're also mint-scented, which is a nice touch.

This is a great value puppy toy with a lot of interesting features. It is certainly worth a try at the low price.


rose wood biosmart puppy bone


Provides exercise and entertainment

Enhances the bond between owner and puppy

Ideal material for puppies to chew


Although marketed to dogs, I would not suggest this toy for adult staffies and aggressive chewers.

How to Choose a Chew Toy for Teething Staffies

All of the toys above are great options and I don't think you can really go wrong with any of them. However, it is always a good idea to know what you're looking for when buying anything for your pup. I've listed a few things that you'll want to consider when choosing the best toy for your teething puppy.

1. Toy Material

Before buying a puppy chew toy, it's essential to consider its build material. Since your puppy is chewing the toy like food, it's best to ensure the toy is BPA-free. BPA can cause different harmful effects on your dog and has been linked to cancers.

Of course, the material will also need to be both soft and durable. Soft enough to allow your puppy's teeth to compress it but not so soft or brittle that your dog can easily bite chunks off.

Generally, rubber makes for an ideal puppy toy material.

 Perhaps, one of the most fun features with toys is they help the puppy to play while at the same time giving a fun activity. It's also refreshing and makes your puppy engaged while it faces the pain and dullness with teething

2. Texture and Size

As I just mentioned, your puppy's toy texture should be soft but firm. This ensures that your puppy's teeth get firm, but in the process, its teeth do not get injured. Certain toys will also include teeth or nodules that help with dental hygiene.

To make sure the texture of the toy isn't causing issues, be sure to keep an eye on it when your pup is playing. A lot of blood may mean the texture is causing irritation and broken teeth probably mean the toy is too firm for a puppy.

Of course, size goes without saying but is easy to overlook when a toy states it is designed for puppies. It is always good to check the actual dimensions of the toy to make sure your dog can fit their jaws around it to chew it but aren't going to swallow it whole.

3. Flavour

Many dog toys now come ready-flavoured. Whether you pick a flavoured or unflavoured on is completely up to you. A flavoured toy is usually better for keeping your puppy engaged with the toy. Just be sure the flavourings used are natural and chemical-free.

Another option is to buy one of the toys that allow you to fill them with your own treats. These toys are very popular and let you put your dog's favourite treats in so you can be sure they'll enjoy it.

Soothe a Teething Puppy's Gums

The toys featured above are excellent for fulfilling your staffy's urge to chew while they're teething. They are all designed to avoid causing irritation or soreness to their gums. However, irritation may already be present and can't always be avoided.

Puppy teething gel

If your puppy is suffering from gum inflammation, soreness and irritation, a puppy teething gel can provide some relief. I've had good results with Vet IQ's teething gel, which is made from a natural herb with relaxing, anti-inflammatory properties.

It is fairly inexpensive and you can get it from Amazon here.

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