Best Dog Bed for Staffies

Best Dog Bed for Staffies

Even though staffies are known for having heaps of energy, they still need a comfortable place to rest and relax. It is also immportant to give them an area they know as “their own” so finding a high-quality dog bed … Read more

Best Dog Harness and Lead for Staffies 2019

best dog harness and lead for staffies

For the impatient, here’s our favourite staffy harness for 2019:The Julius K9 Powerharness Click here to see i​t on Amazon Click here to see i​t on Amazon ​Being a dog owner means you’re going to get overwhelmed by a vast … Read more

The Best GPS Dog Tracker for 2019

Best GPS Dog Tracker

Nothing is more scary to a staffy owner than the thought of their dog getting lost or stolen. It’s a nightmare that nobody wants to experience, which is why it isn’t surprising that dog trackers have become more and more … Read more

Best Dog Walker App – Rover vs Wag

Best dog walker app rover vs wag

If you’re looking to connect easily with a local dog walker, there are currently two apps dominating the dog-walking market at the moment: Rover and Wag. You can think of them as a kind of Uber-like app for dog walking. Each … Read more

Staffy Anxiety Problems and How to Solve Them

Staffy Anxiety Problems

Given their extremely loyal personalities, it’s no surprise that Staffordshire Bull Terriers have anxiety issues. Honestly, I don’t think there is a more owner-loving breed than a staffy. While it’s nice your dog loves you this much, it can cause various … Read more

How to Prepare Your Home for a Puppy

how to prepare for a puppy

Getting ready for a new puppy’s arrival is exciting but can be very stressful as well. You never know how a puppy’s going to react in a new environment so being pro-active and taking steps to prepare for a puppy … Read more