A Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed History

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed History

How a Breed Developed for Fighting Became a Much-Loved Family PetThe gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of Australia and Britain’s most popular dog breeds. Brave, loyal and playful, Staffies live life at a million miles an hour. They’re also extremely … Read more

How to Stop a Staffy Overheating in the Sun

How to stop a staffy overheating

As a staffy owner, you’ll know just how much our dogs love the sunshine; they’ll make the most of even the smallest slither on sunshine to sunbathe in. Unfortunately, hot days during this time of year (however rare they may … Read more

Best Dog Bed for Staffies

Best Dog Bed for Staffies

Even though staffies are known for having heaps of energy, they still need a comfortable place to rest and relax. It is also immportant to give them an area they know as “their own” so finding a high-quality dog bed … Read more

Best Harness for Staffies 2021 – Staffy Harness and Lead Reviews

best dog harness for staffies

Best Harness for Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Quick view 🏆 Best Overall Staffy Harness 🏆Julius K9 PowerharnessFeaturesClosable handle allows the dog to be held firmly and lifted securelyHeavy duty buckle for safety and comfortWater repellent surfaceRead MoreRating /54.8 Ruffwear All-Day Front HarnessFeaturesEasy … Read more

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Best slow feeder dog bowl

With staffies being the notorious faster eaters that they are, us owners are often looking for ways to slow down their pup’s eating. It isn’t just staffy owners in this struggle; numerous dog breeds are known to almost inhale their … Read more