How to Teach a Staffy to Fetch

How to teach a staffy to fetch

A game of fetch is great exercise and a way of bonding for you and your dog. For some dogs, playing fetch comes almost as naturally as walking. After all, breeds like the Labrador and the Cocker Spaniel have retrieving bred … Read more

How to Teach a Staffy to Sit and Stay

How to teach a Staffy to Sit and Stay

There are a handful of essential commands that every dog should know. Sitting and staying are up right up there with them. Not only will these commands come in handy when you want your dog to politely greet new people and … Read more

How to House Train an Adult Dog

How to House train an adult staffy

Simple tips to help your Staffordshire bull terrier master the basics of toilet trainingIf you’ve rescued or adopted an adult Staffy, you may find that some of your new pet’s manners aren’t as impeccable as they could be. Unfortunately, one … Read more

How to Teach a Staffy to Lay Down and Roll Over

How to teach a staffy to lay down and roll over

A simple step-by-step training guide for this paw-some party trick!Training your Staffordshire Bull Terrier isn’t just about obedience. You can also train your Staffy to perform a wide range of tricks, and one of the best of them is teaching … Read more

How to Stop Your Staffy Pulling on the Lead

How to stop a Staffy Pulling on the Lead

Walking with your Staffy should be a pleasure where you enjoy spending time together and exploring the local area while both getting a bit of exercise. However, many Staffy owners dread taking their Staffy out for a lead walk as … Read more

How to Stop a Staffy Barking When Left Alone

How to Stop a staffy barking when alone

Few things in life can drive you as mad as a dog who doesn’t seem to stop barking. Whether it’s the deep, shuddering Staffy bark or the ear-piercing yap of a puppy. It can be frustrating to deal with constant … Read more

Brain Training 4 Dogs Online Training Course Review

Brain training for dogs review

Is Brain Training 4 Dogs the best Online dog Training course?Brain Training for dogs by certified trainer, Adrienne Farricelli is a unique science-based dog online dog training course. The training methods, content quality and support offer fantastic value for money. … Read more

How to Stop a Staffy Chewing

How to stop a staffy chewing

How can I stop a Staffy chewing? This is an extremely common question for both puppy and dog owners. All dogs like to chew but it can be a problem when they aren’t aware of what they can and can’t … Read more

Best Staffy Training Books

Best Staffy Training Books

Training a Staffordshire Bull Terrier can be a very stressful and complicated experience. However, it can also be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. The outcome all depends on how you approach the training. And one vastly underrated resource dog owners … Read more