How to Stop a Staffy Puppy Biting

how to stop a puppy biting

Due to a staffy’s incredible jaw strength, it’s extremely important to teach them that biting people or other dogs isn’t okay at a young age. Learning how to stop a puppy biting is a crucial stage of their early training. After … Read more

How to House Train a Staffy

How to house train a staffy

After deciding to bring a staffy puppy into your home, “how to house train a staffy” is usually one of the very first questions you will seek the answer to. It’s a fair question. After all, there are not a lot … Read more

How to Crate Train A Staffy

How to crate train a staffy

Leaving your Staffordshire Bull Terrier alone at home can be very stressful for a dog owner. Often, you find yourself wondering if you’re going to come home to a disaster zone; table legs legs chewed, pillows ripped up, sofa torn … Read more