How to Stop a Staffy Jumping Up at People

How to stop a staffy jumping up at people

Staffies are an excellent breed for any family. They’re fun, energetic, and loving companions who need very little maintenance. However, one of the few issues staffy owners do face is having their staffy jumping on them and visitors frequently. Staffies tend … Read more

How to Stop a Staffy Puppy Biting

how to stop a puppy biting

Due to a staffy’s incredible jaw strength, it’s extremely important to teach them that biting people or other dogs isn’t okay at a young age. Learning how to stop a puppy biting is a crucial stage of their early training. After … Read more

How to House Train a Staffy

How to house train a staffy

After deciding to bring a staffy puppy (click here for house training an adult dog) into your home, “how to house train a staffy” is usually one of the very first questions you will seek the answer to. It’s a fair … Read more

How to Crate Train A Staffy

How to crate train a staffy

Leaving your Staffordshire Bull Terrier alone at home can be very stressful for a dog owner. Often, you find yourself wondering if you’re going to come home to a disaster zone; table legs legs chewed, pillows ripped up, sofa torn … Read more