How to Stop a Staffy Jumping Up at People

Staffies are an excellent breed for any family. They’re fun, energetic, and loving companions who need very little maintenance. However, one of the few issues staffy owners do face is having their staffy jumping on them and visitors frequently.

Staffies tend to get over excited about their owners and sometimes new people entering the house. Due to this, all their energy comes out by jumping to greet their owners.  A trait that is can be problematic because staffies are such strong dogs.

The main issue is that they can be quite capable of knocking you or others down when they jump, especially children. There’s no need to worry about this though because there are proven methods for preventing your dog jumping. This article will go over 5 of these proven techniques to cover different situations so you can try them out to stop your dog from jumping up to people.

How to stop a staffy jumping up at people

How to Stop a Dog Jumping Up When Entering the House

Method 1: Teach them a Counter-Command

Staffy puppy sitting

Let’s face it; your staffy can’t jump on you if they’re sitting down. Making your staffy sit or lay down ensures their jumping won’t be a problem. The key with this method is saying the command before your staffy has the chance to unleash his/her jumping ability. It’s all about timing.

Now, some staffies will have too much excitement. In this case, try teaching them a command like “go find a toy” or making them go down on all fours. Then, reward them with a treat or a belly rub.

It’s all about finding an opposite command of jumping that you can reward. It will make your staffy understand jumping isn’t a reward worthy behavior, but sitting or lying down on all fours is.  Sooner or later, your staffy will stop jumping at the sight of you entering your home and greet you sitting or laying down.

Admittedly, for very excitable dogs, this technique will take a lot of patience and persistence.

Method 2: Go Back Outside

As mentioned before, staffies love jumping on people when they walk through the door. To get rid of this behavior, simply go back outside whenever your staffy starts to jump. Then, wait 30 seconds to 1 minute before going back inside. Continue this process until your staffy stops jumping when you enter the door.

I know this can seem like a tedious task, but it is worth persevering with.

Eventually, your staffy will understand that their jumping is the reason you keep leaving.  And since your staffy doesn't want you to go, they'll stop. It’s a relatively simple concept, but an effective one.

After your staffy does stop jumping, make sure to reward them with petting or a treat. This reward will further convey jumping isn’t the right way to greet people. It will become ingrained in their minds that jumping doesn’t get them what they want: treats and your attention.

What to Do with an Overly Excited Jumping Staffy

In some cases, dogs will jump up to people on other occasions aside from entering the house. If this is the case, below are methods to deal with your staffy’s jumping during your daily interactions.

Method 3: Turn Your Back

man with back turned

Turning your back to them is an effective way of stopping your pup’s jumping. It showcases to them that jumping doesn’t win them your attention. In comparison, pushing them off does the opposite by conveying a sense this behavior grabs your focus.

If your staffy continues to jump after you turn your back, say something like “Bad!” and walk away from them into a different room behind a closed door.  Once your dog calms down, you can go and interact with them. Again, this will convey to your staffy that jumping doesn’t get them what they desire.

It’s essential you resist the urge to yell or engage with their jumping. Any kind of reaction besides dismissing them will make the jumping get worse over time. The idea is to get rid of this natural instinct by making it seem ineffective.

Method 4: Lots of Exercise

Stafforshire bull terrier dog exercising

Now, this isn’t a training method, but it’s nonetheless a practical solution. See, a tired staffy is going to have less energy. This tiredness will make jumping seem like too much effort. Therefore, giving them several long walks a day will control this behavior.

However, I understand for some owners multiple walks a day is unrealistic. Employing the services of a local dog walker may be the way to go if your dog needs some extra exercise. DogBuddy.com is a quick way to find dog service in your area.

How to Stop Your Dog Jumping at Guests and Visitors

Of course, your staffy’s jumping may not just be reserved for you. It’s not uncommon for a staffy to jump on whomever they meet. Unfortunately, some people don’t appreciate an almost 20kg dog jumping on them. Due to this, you must keep your staffy well behaved and not jumping on other people. The method below will help you prevent this from becoming an ongoing issue.

Method 5: Put them on a Lead

Staffy on a lead

Having someone enter your home can cause your staffy a lot of excitement. Their first instinct will be to greet this person by jumping on them. This isn’t something most people you invite into your home will appreciate.

To prevent this, first put them on a lead and unlock the door. Your staffy being attached to a lead will allow you full control over their movements. Once you have them leashed up and unlocked the door, have your friend knock and enter on their own. Check out our recommended harnesses and leads here.

After they have entered your home, bring your staffy close enough to see your friend, but not reach them. Then, ask your dog to sit. Having them sit down will calm their excitement.

Proceed to have your friend move toward your staffy. If they become too excited and stand up, ask your friend to stop and stand still. When this happens, make your staffy sit once again. Then, have your friend continue walking forward. Continue this process until your friend can reach your staffy without any jumping.

Of course, you can’t employ this technique with unexpected visitors but using it as much as possible will help your pup to stop jumping when people enter the house all together.

Final Thoughts on Teaching a Dog to Stop Jumping

With this information, you should have no problems keeping your staffy from jumping. Just imagine, you will no longer have to apologize for your staffy’s over-friendliness. Now, people will be able to meet your staffy without being overwhelmed by their eagerness.

As with most dog training techniques, teaching your staffy not to jump up at people takes time, patience and consistency. But having a well-behaved dog is more than worth the effort.

If you find this article useful and own a puppy, check out our how to stop a puppy biting article as well.

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